September 3, 2019

Why Your Learning Management System Is the Secret Weapon to Microsoft 365 Adoption


It is easy to see that our world is moving towards the digital.

Companies are being empowered and highly encouraged to make the efforts towards digitally transforming their operations for better performance in this fast-paced working environment. Microsoft 365 has proven to be one of the most innovative and extensive collections of tools aligned with streamlining and digitalization of company tasks.

Though the Microsoft 365 suite is packed with high-performing, productivity-inducing applications, many organizations only scratch the surface of the toolset’s potential. End user adoption is one of the biggest challenges to Microsoft 365’s potential and a lack of user adoption ultimately undercuts the investment organizations make in integrating the technology into their organization.

By driving the end user adoption and usage of the powerful Microsoft 365 suite, organizations can make the most of their investment and truly unlock the extensive capabilities of these technologies. Unfortunately, increasing adoption is not always the easiest task. Organizations are looking to their L&D teams and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for support in employee training and user adoption of Microsoft 365 tools, but quite often they are lacking the necessary toolsets.

The Major Challenges to User Adoption

Before diving into exactly how an LMS can streamline the employee training and rapidly improve the user adoption of technologies, it is important to highlight what specific challenges organizations are meeting when attempting to onboard employees and promote Microsoft 365 utilization.

Digital adoption can be difficult. Integrating new technologies into the workplace has less to do with digitalization and more to do with change in culture and way of work. It is in the human nature that the prospect of change can promote feelings of anxiousness, worry and confusion. Change can also threat our personal and professional comfort, forcing us to adapt to something we might not fully understand or comprehend.

This human desire for comfort and security is why organizations often find that their employees keep using the same few tools in the Microsoft Suite rather than exploring the full catalog of applications; they want to stick with what they feel comfortable with. Employees report doing “fine” with the applications they know and won’t veer into the unknown applications unless explicitly told.

Above hesitance of change, confusion of tools and lack of motivation, it has been found that that biggest contributor to low user adoption is not enough training. When employees do not use the skills they have learned after training, knowledge decay sets in very quickly. New skills have to be practiced and applied. Without a strategy for reinforcing new skills after the training ends, 90% of what your employees were taught could be lost. This is where a Learning Management System built for Microsoft 365 becomes your secret weapon to igniting adoption in your organization.

Enhance Microsoft 365 Adoption With an LMS built for Teams

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft released their own Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide where Microsoft put forth a three-step formula to assist businesses in effectively integrating the Microsoft 365 software into their organization. Through these three steps, you may see how a Learning Management System can be an incredible support for companies looking to get the full potential from Microsoft 365:

  • Envision: Microsoft emphasizes that the first step of a successful roll-out is a well-devised vision and plan of action. An LMS can help a company find their starting point by composing quizzes to test employee readiness and comfortability with technological changes, ultimately helping to create a strategy for implementation and adoption.
  • Onboard: The next step to successful end user adoption is to provide efficient onboarding and training for the employees. This is where L&D teams can really support the larger company vision by utilizing an LMS to create customized onboarding trainings for employees.
  • Drive Value: The last step Microsoft highlights is the continuous training and support of user adoption following the initial deployment of Microsoft 365. A strong LMS makes this part easy, by allowing for the monitoring, measuring and rewarding of end user adoption.

Most Learning Management Systems will hit the mark on the above objectives and make a considerable improvement to an organization’s Microsoft 365 adoption. But imagine the advancement and enhancements that can be made with a Learning Management System that is built for the optimal integration of Microsoft 365.

LMS365: Built for the Microsoft 365 Platform

LMS365 offers an immense ease of integration, connecting directly to Microsoft applications and keeping the experience smooth and accessible for both administrators and end user. In addition to all the known and listed benefits of a Learning Management System, LMS365 has the added advantage of being specifically designed for Microsoft 365. Having your training and all your solutions in one place will speed up the Microsoft 365 adoption, and ultimately optimize the productivity of the entire organization.

LMS365 benefits unlocking the full potential of Microsoft 365:

  • Office 365 and SharePoint access on the go and available to your employees on all devices.
  • Add the social experience to learning with Microsoft Teams, which allows you to effectively train and engage your employees with the full power of the platform.
  • Keep your Microsoft 365 trainings available for employees to access anywhere and at any time (one of the biggest wishes of those building digital workplaces).
  • Drag and drop your content from Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Stream and more when creating customized courses for your employees.
  • As LMS365 connects directly to Microsoft Cloud, LMS setup is quick and trainings can be created and released just as fast.
  • Report employee learning progress with stunning, clear visuals on your Power BI dashboard

Your investment in an advanced and vast technological suite such as Microsoft 365 should not be wasted. Integrating LMS365 can support you in driving user adoption and empowering your employees with the full power of their tools. Along with the resources provided by LMS365, comes a wealth of available information and assistance on Microsoft 365 adoption. Our partners Storyals and ClipTraining provides innovative assistance in securing the most out of Office 365 and its accompanying technologies.

Inviting change at your company may be difficult, but the benefits gained from experiencing Microsoft 365 in its full capacity makes it all worth it. When all members of the organization are educated and empowered with these technological tools, the whole company benefits greatly!