June 3, 2019

The Modern Digital Workplace Is Mobile


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In the past, we have spoken about the concerning decline of engagement among employees.

And also how incorporating more interactive technologies – such as videos and visual storytelling – can draw employees in and actually enhance their learning capabilities. In this article, we are going to share another technological tool that can help ease company training difficulties, while maximizing employee training content and catering to the agile, modern learner. Who quantifies as a modern learner? We are glad you asked.

Who is the ‘Modern Learner’?

The term “modern learner” has been bounced around over the years, mostly referring to the younger, more technically-talented professional who answers emails on their smartphone while relaxing on a beach. Though this image might not be dissimilar from the average modern learner, it is worth providing a more concrete definition and description of the ever-growing modern learning population.

Notable consulting corporation, Deloitte performed a case study investigating the characteristics and parameters of modern learners. Their findings provided ample information regarding who the modern learner is and how they best work and learn in these increasingly modernized environments. A few of the most significant findings are presented below:

  • Modern learners require ‘micro’ learning formats – The modern attention span is shortening by the second, only compounded with the influx of daily information. For the modern learner, information needs to be short, concise and delivered in brief formats.
  • Modern learners are untethered – Today’s employees are often working from many locations and enjoying the freedom of working on their own time.
  • Modern learners thrive on collaboration – Learners are creating online, personal and professional networks and enjoy collaborating through Modern Digital Workplaces and online tools.
  • Modern learners are empowered to continuously learn – With the ever-shifting modern world, employees are used to rapid changes that require additional skills or trainings. Modern learners expect and aspire to learn more in and out of their workplace.

Modern Digital Workplace for the Modern Learner

Knowing more about the modern learner, one can see how having the flexibility to work and learn in one’s own time, at any place, is one of the most desired benefits of modern workplaces. Many organizations have begun to digitally transform their learning platforms and develop Modern Digital Workplaces to cater to the needs and desires of the modern learner, which has provided a more engaged, customized experience for employee trainings.

Modern Digital Workplaces have a host of amazing benefits: Allowing virtual meetings to be held with ease, incorporating social learning into workplace tools, and allowing employees to learn and work on their own time. As Modern Digital Workplaces are constantly evolving and continue to integrate new tools – such as linking to Microsoft Teams, SLACK, and GoToMeeting – the next step towards increased accessibility and flexibility is bringing the Modern Digital Workplace to the mobile space.

Go Mobile – Take Your Training On-The-Go

Did you know the average person looks at their smartphone 221 times a day. That is a whole lot of attention given to one screen, day in and day out. The smartphone has become one of the most advanced technologies to be sitting in the palm of our hands, and whether it is for news, entertainment, or communication, people are gravitating towards having mobile be the preferred device for work and play.

In general, mobile programs and applications often incorporate leaderboards and engaging prompts to train and entertain its users. So, it should not come as a surprise that you can boost your workforce performance with mobile learning and enhance the power of your training content, just by it being available easily and on-the-go.

“GSMA & McKinsey state that by 2020 the global mobile learning market is estimated to grow into a $70 billion industry”, Mahesh R., Origin Learning.

L&D teams are only some of the many departments that can wildly improve their operations by moving towards the mobile space. In an expansive research study, Merrill Lynch found that mobile learning helps users learn up to 45% faster than with other learning formats. And what more? Michaels & Associates found that on an average, mobile learners study for 40 minutes longer than regular learners per week! You got that right; mobile learning actually fosters and accelerates workplace learning.

Need more reasons why your L&D team should get online and move content to mobile spaces?

  • Mobile learning helps scale employee training and allows a more controlled management of company growth.
  • Face-to-face onboarding no longer possible with your large team? Move your training to mobile to reach each employee on their own time.
  • Week-long sales training can be a thing of the past! Meet, train and onboard employees fast by mobilizing your corporate trainings.
  • Combat the ‘Forgetting Curve’ by providing long-time employees with constant trainings and up-to-date business objectives through their mobile devices.

The Ultimate Modern Digital Workplace

Creating a thriving, efficient Modern Digital Workplace does not have to be a drag. With dynamic tools such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and advanced mobile applications, developing a modern workplace in the online space can be easy, quick and dare we say, fun!

Implementing an LMS that has its own mobile application, such as LMS365, can greatly benefit L&D teams in all industries by allowing for easy integration of content to the mobile space. With the intuitive LMS365 app, it is easy to manage and access learning from anywhere on any device.

Meet your employees where they are at, wherever that is, by making the move to mobile. Engage and empower your employees at their own convenience and watch your training costs sink as employee training efficiency soars.

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