July 1, 2019

Realize the Full Power of L&D Data by Implementing an Analytical Platform


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Companies in various industries are beginning to digitally transform their business to stay competitive and streamlined.

This push towards the automated, the analytical, and the data-driven is causing a shift within organizations; departments are beginning to realize the power of precise, comprehensible data and how it can benefit operations and analysis of all sorts. Therefore, it is no surprise that L&D teams are looking to adopt more tools that can allow for easy processing of relevant employee training data, in a way that supports their mission to provide users with high-quality learning content.

Common LMS Data and Analytics Obstacles

L&D teams are no strangers to data, as they are often working with copious amounts of content information and employee training statistics. However, many of these teams run into difficulties when trying to effectively process and understand the large amounts of data coming their way. This is compounded by the fact that most Learning Management Systems (LMSs) lack dashboards or analytical architectures as they are historically challenging to implement and tedious to customize for L&D and end-users.

Moreover, as L&D teams are responsible for accurately reporting the effectiveness of their training programs having employee data in a clear, understandable format is imperative to this reporting and their training efficacy as a whole. For these reasons and many more, L&D teams are encouraged to adopt and integrate analytical tools into the LMS, such as data visualization and analysis platforms like Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI and Analytical Platform Benefits

Power BI is a business analytics service produced by Microsoft. The robust platform transforms data into vibrant, comprehensible visuals that can easily be analyzed and shared throughout business and departments. Analytical platforms like Power BI have built-in security and governance for your data, while enabling users to customize interactive dashboards to fit their distinct needs. Microsoft’s Power BI also allows for:

  • Easy and straightforward startup, built for users who are familiar with Excel
  • Support for cloud data management
  • Sharing of dashboards and interactive reports across the company
  • Enhanced data processing and insights through AI-powered technology

Integrating an analytical and visualization platform such as Power BI can be a powerful decision for many departments, as it helps bring data to life and makes it much easier to work with and harness. L&D teams are learning this and thus beginning to implement analytics software into their LMS to get clear on their training effectiveness and improve on their training content.

Maximizing L&D’s Influence Through LMS Integrated Analytics

Like mentioned before, L&D teams wear a few hats, and are not just responsible for training company employees but also creating and improving upon their training content to ensure the effectiveness of their programs. This is one of the biggest areas where an integrated analytics software such as Power BI would be of huge assistance.

For example, LMS365 integrates seamlessly with Power BI analytics which enables LMS365 users to keep all of their data in one place, with no need to switch between multiple software to get the data they need. With the ready-made LMS365 templates for Power BI, users are able to present training data effectively in no time. This integration also allows users to track a multitude of training data sets such as:

  • Training Course Participation
  • Training Success
  • Engagement of Employees and Participants
  • Success of Training Content
  • User Compliance Data

When L&D teams can extract this vital data easily, greater insights can be obtained, and more efficient improvements can be made. For instance, by combining course participation data, with employee engagement and content analysis data, L&D teams can more accurately pinpoint how and where their training content could use some improvements or upgrades. Best of all, they learn this from the users themselves: instant, internal feedback.

Additionally, with the assistance of IT teams, L&D can completely customize how they see their data, with interactive visualizations provided by Power BI. This empowers L&D and LMS managers to tailor their data to their best needs and the best needs for their department and company. Having an integrated analytics system within an LMS gives L&D the necessary tools to be the absolute authority on their training data and their training content.

Organize, Visualize and Modernize Your L&D Data for Optimal Success

Data analytics and visualization tools are leading the way in transforming how departments of all types access, understand and use their essential business data. L&D teams are no different and are beginning to realize the full potential of integrating an analytical system into their LMS for the numerous data processing abilities and training insights.

Analytics and visualizations software, like Microsoft Power BI, helps users truly understand the data they have by putting them in charge of how this data is displayed and shared. Customizable visualizations cater to all L&D teams’ needs and desires and inspire users to find more in their data that can be used for more in their training programs. Furthermore, the continuous improvements and updates Microsoft is making on the Power BI Platform, users of the software are always getting the most up-to-date, advanced technology at their fingertips. For users of LMS365, this also means your integrated Power BI database will always have the latest features and advancements without any extra work.

By incorporating trusted, enhanced data analytics into their LMS, L&D teams can digitally transform their training, while learning from their users how to improve their programs and content. With clearly defined data models and custom visualizations, L&D members can find specific areas where development or change is needed. This constant development of LMS is one of the most significant benefits of analytic software integration, making tools like Power BI the technological gift that keeps on giving. Integrate analytics with your LMS and let your data be the guide to empowered insights, enhanced trainings and overall L&D success.

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