August 4, 2020

On-Demand Learning is a Must for Today's Businesses


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Even before the advent of COVID-19, remote working was steadily increasing.

Microsoft Teams has seen a massive uptick in adoption in just months. Teams usage grew 894% between February 17 and June 14.

And more change is on the way.

The pandemic is driving demand for a more skilled workforce. And that means businesses must look both within and outside their companies to find these employees. They will need to invest more in helping learners find the training they need, identify the training they might need in the future and ensure participation in that training. And the training needs to be delivered in context, any time, anywhere and on any device.

Organizations have also sped up their digital transformation as they have switched to a remote work structure, with many preparing for this to become a long-term strategy. As rapidly as technology changes, so must organizations train their staff and keep them learning.

Organizations need help, and they need it today.

We have got it covered. As a full, enterprise-scale learning platform, LMS365 is built for organizations using Microsoft 365 and Teams. We make training easier by reaching employees within the tools they are already using. This eliminates the need to switch to another system, remember another username and password to log in, or go through training on how to use the learning solution.

As a Microsoft partner, we are continuously improving our cloud-based LMS365 platform and our Microsoft Teams app to ensure our users reap the full benefits of the platform. And that means organizations can truly maximize both their Microsoft investments as well as their learning and training investments.

The LMS365 platform:

  • Makes training intuitive to find and complete across devices
  • Enables communication during training with meetings, chat and video functions to help colleagues interact, share information and stay connected
  • Provides powerful business analytics that show employee data in a clear, understandable format that makes it easy to track and report learning progress

In today’s economy, companies must have a modern digital workplace to be competitive. They must successfully onboard new employees, conduct compliance training, employee development and reporting. With LMS365, companies can do all of this – learn, collaborate and stay connected – even when they are physically apart.

The future is uncertain and the present is changing quickly, but keeping your workforce up-to-date on training and learning in a way that is accessible and easy is a key part of making it through this journey together.

And we are with you all the way.

Find more details about how LMS365 can take your learning and collaboration to the next level here.

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