April 7, 2020

Microsoft Azure: A Cloud You Can Trust with Your LMS Data


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It has been reported that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error.

Many breaches come as the result of an ill-informed employee mishandling information, or hackers who specifically target accounts from members of staff outside of the more advised IT department.

This rise in cybercrime has taught us a few things: One thing is that  the training of your employees  in matters of IT and cyber security measures is paramount to keeping your data and your company secure. Another lesson learned from these risks is that there are specific tools that can – and should – be put in place to support your employees’ actions. Because after all, human error is still a security threat.

Tools like security servers are commonly used to hold, secure and back up important business data. In the past, security servers that were keep on the premises (on-prem) were the norm. But now with more powerful cloud-based options available, more companies are considering putting more trust in the cloud.

Full Service and Security in the Cloud

So, why is the cloud becoming the more secure and efficient way to handle your data? There are many answers to this question, but above all, cloud security systems relieve IT from taxing system maintenance and constant regulatory tasks, ensuring higher protection of sensitive company data.

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world”

–  Ginni Rometty, IGM Chairman, President and CEO

Cloud computing providers allow customers to build their own private network environments to servers that exist offsite. With cloud computing, the providers are in-charge of all storage, security, maintenance and updates. The company would then connect through the Internet to access their  IT systems.

One of the most renowned cloud computing providers on the market right now is Microsoft’s Azure platform. They are one of our collaborating partners and LMS365 is now a Microsoft Preferred Solution in Azure Marketplace. Originally launched in 2010,  Microsoft Azure is a collection of various cloud computing services. It has become a popular option for companies who want to cut down on space, maintenance and IT costs that often accompany on-prem security solutions. This expansive Azure platform has become a major asset in the management of company data, including that of trainings and employee learning materials.

Microsoft Azure supports third-party software and offers three distinctive levels of this support: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). In summary, if a company just wants more hardware support – such as storage, servers, and protected networks – the popular option is to incorporate an IaaS model. Organizations looking for even more support with their infrastructure and security platform might integrate Azure as an PaaS, which allows IT developers to create their own applications and test tools with the added platform security. Additionally, if companies are looking for full-service support – including deployment, monitoring, and accessibility via an application or web browser – then a SaaS integration with Azure is the option for them. Therefore, Microsoft Azure is incredibly versatile and fits into any company’s strategy, solely depending on how much IT responsibility a company wants to carry.

Microsoft Azure: Trusted Cloud Security

With more focus on critical employee data and important training documents, Azure is most appreciated for the strength of its built-in security services.

Afforded by its advanced security intelligence, Azure can help to identify new and evolving security threats quickly. The multi-layered defenses programmed into Azure ensure that you know exactly where your data is, how it is being held and who has access to it. So, instead of relying on your IT team to manage employee passwords, update new security measures and backup training data, you can utilize an in-depth, cloud-based security infrastructure to keep your company secure.

Of course, it is important that your whole company stays secure, but what about your individual employees? With many LMS platforms, sensitive employee data – including date of birth, address, phone, and training history – is held in their personal accounts. How can you incorporate the same, intelligent Azure infrastructure to your LMS data? Integrate it.

Keep Employee Records Secure with LMS + Azure Integration

Though it is possible to connect a third-party security system to a local LMS, companies can still feel “on their own” with this type of connection, especially in terms of support. It can be more tedious to manually implement LMS data to Azure or other security systems, and this is just another task on IT’s ever long list.

Our Learning Management System, LMS365, relieves this connection strain because it was built for and is a part of the Microsoft ecosystem. As LMS365 is a SaaS built on the Microsoft Azure PaaS, it offers full-service protection, security and maintenance. This means that LMS365 allows organizations to leverage the full power of Microsoft’s security technologies and processes to secure their employee data, easily and effortlessly.

By itself, an LMS enables users to create, manage and deliver training content for their company. This also includes the tracking and reporting of the employee progress along the trainings and learning opportunities. Further enhancing these capabilities, LMS365 provides organizations with the advantage of  delivering training on the Microsoft 365 platform, making it easy to send learning modules through SharePoint, collaborate on trainings through Microsoft Teams and allow employees to access information on the Azure cloud on a number of mobile devices.

Implementing an integrated LMS, like LMS365, with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform gives great security benefits to companies by:

  • Strengthening Security and Privacy: Azure provides capabilities to identify and respond to cloud security threats quickly and can easily manage sensitive employee data with encryption keys and other measures. Having your employee data stored within LMS365 already ensures its security through Microsoft Azure’s system and safety in the event of a cyberattack.
  • Offering Fast Deployment:  Because everything runs within Microsoft Cloud,  deployment of LMS365 can be as quick as a few hours, leaving your team more time to begin building courses and customizing your organization’s learning environment.
  • Being Easy and Familiar to Use: As LMS365 is built into popular programs like Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, the software itself is easy to use and familiar to employees. This makes it simple for both administrators and learners to jump into the material using their usual password and profile. Plus, that built-in single sign-on and two-factor authentication adds an extra level of security with no login changes for users.
  • Supporting Customization:  As a part of the expansive Microsoft ecosystem, you can choose what tools and applications to pair with LMS365 making it highly customizable and personalized for your specific company. You have the ability to create private trainings or course plans that are only visible to specific learners and protect all different versions in the Azure cloud.

Secure Your LMS With Azure Cloud Computing

Cybersecurity threats do not seem to be decreasing anytime soon, so why not relieve your IT and L&D teams of some common security stressors and better protect your company. Utilizing a cloud-based security solution such as Microsoft’s Azure platform can simplify the creation, management, and development of your employee training and company data as a whole. Not only does Azure protect your data according to current regulations, but Microsoft engages globally with standards bodies and government regulators to  ensure your future compliance needs are covered.

With LMS365, employee learning is kept engaging, easeful and secure with the powerful Microsoft Office 365 integration. And with the advanced Azure security, your employee’s training and personal data is protected, in the present and in the future.

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