July 16, 2021

LTDX Recap: Enablement and Trust in a Hybrid Workplace


The Learning Technologies Digital Experience

LMS365 hosted a conference session with client, DAZN at this year’s Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 to share more about the evolution of remote learning and training. Steve Wood gives his unique perspective on enablement and trust within L&D and offers specific examples of how LMS365 helped his team build an agile, remote learning platform that can grow with their expanding team.

After a successful virtual conference earlier in the year, the Learning Technologies Digital Experience decided to host a ‘2.0’ version of the event, this time emphasizing topics surrounding hybrid work styles and post-pandemic learning methods.

Following along with the intention of this LTDX conference, LMS365’s learning transformation expert, Travis Damgaard Campbell welcomed Steve Wood, Head of People Development at DAZN, to host a session about the importance of trust and purposeful enablement in delivering quality learning and support to employees—whether they’re working in the office or from their couch. Enjoy the overview of this chat and hear more about DAZN’s thoughtful and continuous journey towards inclusive enablement, learning, and onboarding for their expanding staff.


A New Approach to Learning & Development

After a year of massive disruptions and changes, companies are still finding their grounding in this new, hybrid work environment. DAZN was one of many organizations grappling with the rapidly changing work landscape, including them personally experiencing a huge staff expansion to over 2,000 global employees; employees that now required to be onboarded and trained virtually.

“We needed to do something different […] It wasn’t about traditional learning and training anymore. This was more about genuine support, supporting people who are now pushed into this world of remote working, and then helping people to realize they weren’t on their own. So, it’s about bringing to life stories that demonstrated our true commitment to flexibility in working, listening, and reacting quickly when we need to, and going live and being in front of people as much as possible.”

– Steve Wood, Head of People Development, DAZN


As a leading sports streaming platform with staff across the globe, DAZN needed to make sure that whatever solution they found, it was scalable and accessible for all global staff members.

Plus, understanding that face-to-face connection and a sense of belonging is imperative to building trust with employees, Steve knew that DAZN required a seamless way to provide training, support and meaningful resources to workers in many different locations, wherever and whenever they needed.

The DAZN Solution to Remote Learning

In the session, Steve walked the audience through his team’s analysis and development process of building a living, breathing remote learning platform that was fit for their growing company and a world of new safety precautions.

Above all, Steve shared that his main motivation for going forth with this learning platform integration was to allow more flexibility and accessibility for employees to learn in ways that works best for them. Though this approach strayed from traditional learning and training methods, Steve felt confident this was what his colleagues needed most.

“We integrated all our learning content and all of our resources and made them available to everybody globally. And was it perfect? No! Was it the right thing to do? Yes. Did we get feedback and evolve it? Yes. But the biggest thing that we wanted to promote was this is about supporting you in the craziness that we have to live in now we’re working from home. And then focus on self-development, taking the opportunity to develop and to learn in a way that works for you.”

– Steve Wood


So, now that they knew what they needed, DAZN was able to act on these goals and roll out a new, customized remote learning platform over a single weekend. How, might you ask? Well, they found the cloud-based Microsoft 365 learning management system, LMS365.

“When the whole pandemic happened, we had a meeting on Friday and the boss said, it’s got to be live on Monday. All our buffer period disappeared, but we got [the system] up quickly, because of how how smoothly the preparation and integration had gone.”

– Steve Wood

LMS365 + DAZN = Building Trust in Remote Learning and Beyond

During the session, Travis and Steve spoke at length about the partnership between LMS365 and DAZN, specifically highlighting how seamlessly the LMS365 solution integrated into DAZN’s existing Microsoft 365 environment—including Microsoft Teams, Outlook and SharePoint pages—and the opportunities it unlocked for the company’s remote working structure.

“We created an environment through our company intranet through using LMS365 as our Learning Zone and through Teams, this environment was focused purely on our new home working model at that stage, and it was about providing resources, support materials, guides, hints, tips on all aspects of remote working”

– Steve Wood


However, one of the biggest priorities for DAZN was having a system that could effectively and intuitively support remote learning for hundreds of global employees. By integrating LMS365 into their existing working environment, DAZN improved their entire learning approach by:

  • Successfully hosting remote onboarding plans, delivered to new employees around the globe, automatically via LMS365
  • Consistently reviewing employee learning analytics to accurately map out development goals and build bespoke learning solutions by enabling subject matter experts to take control of their own learning destiny
  • Consciously shifting the annual review process to a more holistic,  empowering and enabling approach


“We call it the ACT framework, and this is about ambitions, conversations, and taking charge. And the framework is all about having more frequent, less formal conversations with managers, and capturing those conversations in a way that works for you as an individual. So, we put a lot of trust in our people and our teams. And we’ve given them the flexibility to talk about performance in their own preferred way.”

– Steve Wood


From Traditional Learning to Trusted Learning with LMS365

Steve shared that with LMS365’s dedicated course creator, reporting tools, Azure data security and built-in connection to Microsoft 365 workplace tools were an enormous help in reformatting DAZN’s learning structure. In addition, LMS365 made it possible for DAZN to:

  • Identify subject matter experts (SMEs) and enable them to share their knowledge with colleagues by creating custom courses that are delivered though Teams and in the ‘flow of work’.
    “I just want to empower experts, enable them, get them sharing knowledge. We want to create communities, which bring people together to share that knowledge to ask questions to challenge and do in a way that works for them.”

– Steve Wood


  • Expand training resources and engage employees with blended learning styles, offering employees a variety of learning options which promotes autonomy and enables ownership over their individual development.
    “We’ve moved to a much more experienced based approach to learning now. We share opportunities for people to attend far more live events, one-hour sessions with subject matter experts, internal and external, to learn about a wide range of subjects […] We then follow that up with live Q&A sessions and additional resources for people to learn more. It goes back to the trust; we trust our people to take their own version of learning from those events and apply them to their day-to-day live.”

– Steve Wood.


  • Provided guidance, resources and internal external support mechanisms to promote Mental Health and Wellbeing
    “Psychological safety is massively important. [We’re] working very closely with our team to get this message across in terms of the way we manage, the way we lead people, as well promote the fact that everyone should be allowed to show up as their authentic self and to feel safe, that their voice is as equitable as anybody else’s. And that does then enable increased levels of trust when it comes to us providing learning and development for our people, definitely.”

– Steve Wood


Learning & Development Meets Enablement & Trust

The LTDX 2.0 session hosted by LMS365 and DAZN offered a wide range of examples, experiences, and suggestions about how to lead and engage with trust when it comes to employee learning. To make sure you don’t miss any of Steve and Travis’ valuable expertise, you can watch the full LTDX session replay by simply registering for the free, virtual conference.

While closing the session, Travis asked Steve what the future holds for DAZN now that they have a resilient employee learning platform:

“I think one of the big things that we are massively going to focus on [is] to publish some really, really high-quality diversity, equity, and inclusion learning. It’s something we do a lot of work with in terms of overall inclusion and being understanding and empathetic towards people. People need to be able to feel comfortable, not just around learning, [but] that they can show up as their authentic self all the time.”

– Steve Wood