March 15, 2021

LTDX 2021 Recap: Building L&D tools with Microsoft 365 and Power Apps


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The Learning Technologies Digital Experience

The Learning Technologies Digital Experience (LTDX) is a two-week virtual conference that brings organizations and professionals together to tackle the big questions regarding learning in this unique, post pandemic environment. Our LMS365 Senior Business Manager, Travis Damgaard Campbell was thrilled to present at this year’s LTDX event with Morten Krüger Stadpris, Digital Development Manager from Semler Group Denmark.

Build Your Own L&D Tools Using Microsoft 365 and Power Apps

In our session with Semler Group Denmark, we present an in-depth overview of how L&D departments can use the abundance of tools available through Microsoft 365 to automate and regulate their learning and development processes. One of the dynamic toolsets that we chose to feature in this session was Microsoft Power Apps, a powerful end-to-end solution that helps organizations seamlessly build low-code apps for modernizing common processes.

During the session, Morten Krüger Stadpris from Semler Group takes us through their organization’s journey with applying Microsoft Power Apps to their L&D strategy for improved analysis, automation and learning management.

To support this presentation, our Senior Business Manager, Travis Damgaard Campbell, provides a detailed review of our LMS365 learning management platform, and how it has helped Semler Group and many other companies integrate a more Learning in the Flow of Work structure to their L&D environment.

Together these elements created an informative session with a hearty handful of key takeaways and applicable tips. L&D teams can benefit from the knowledge and experience shared in this session, especially if they are looking for solutions to:

  • Automating their learning and development structure
  • Creating accurate training needs analyses to provide tailored learning experiences
  • Building customized apps for their particular company needs
  • Developing processes that keep track of required employee job trainings
  • Successfully supporting learning in a hybrid, post pandemic environment

Stand-Out Successes from LTDX Microsoft 365 and Power Apps Session

In addition to covering the previously mentioned solutions in our session about Microsoft 365 and their range of Power App tools, the hosts shared many other successful learning lessons for L&D teams. These are some of the standout moments and tips from our LTDX collaboration with Semler that shouldn’t be missed by future-focused L&D departments:

Creating a “Training Needs Analysis” for All Learners

Semler Group used LMS365’s quiz editor tool to setup a streamlined Training Needs Analysis that assesses existing learner knowledge. This helps determine what learners know and where they might have gaps in experience. Based on the results of this training needs analysis, Semler’s L&D team can easily create individual learning paths and platforms for each learner to engage with.

“Because of the training needs analysis, we can target learning content far more effectively and learners do not have to attend face to face training on topics they already know. This reduces the time spent on training with 50%, cuts down our costs and lessens our CO2 footprint as learners don’t have to drive to our academy every time they need to attend training.”

– Morten Krüger Stadpris, Semler Group

For example, if a learner is found to have extensive knowledge in a certain area, they won’t have to complete as many trainings that cover that subject. And with Microsoft Power Platform tools, Semler has created an interactive board that allows learners to see their individual learning path and the modules they must complete in order to finish the training and receive their certificate. Green means its completed, Yellow is a recommended training module, and Red are those that are mandatory to complete before receiving certification.

“We have created a unique visualization of each individual’s learning plan which displays courses a little like the cells of a beehive and uses color coding to indicate progress. This is updated in real-time as courses are completed and acts as a gateway into the courses themselves.”

– Morten Krüger Stadpris, Semler Group

Having One Entry Point for Learner to Access Content

Semler Group chose LMS365 because it’s the only learning management system (LMS) built for easy integration with the Microsoft 365 suite. Because of this easeful connection, Semler Group learners can access all of their individualized LMS365 training content through their same Microsoft login.

“LMS365’s ability to provide a modern learning solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 really stood out for us.”

– Morten Krüger Stadpris, Semler Group

Having one, single point of entry for users is critical in keeping learning accessible, inclusive and effective. Plus, LMS365 has a mobile and tablet app, allowing learners to keep tabs on training while they’re away from their desktop or laptop computer. It’s increasingly important for learners to have access to their necessary training documents wherever and whenever they need in this new hybrid, post pandemic work environment.

Add Functionality on Your Own with Power Apps and Power Automate

The Microsoft Power Platform is composed of a powerful range of intuitive business tools that bring immense value and enhanced functionality to modern L&D departments. For the Semler Group, they leveraged LMS365’s integration with Microsoft 365, using Power Automate, Power Apps and LMS365’s own API to extract, analyze and display learning data in an engaging and functional format.

“You don’t have to be a software developer to make it work…”

– Morten Krüger Stadpris, Semler Group

In the session, Morten shares specifics about how he added personalized functionality to the Semler Group Learning Academy to build the L&D environment the company needed. Namely how he did it all, with no IT background and zero coding required. One example Morten showed was how he effortlessly created a new course management flow using a custom-built Model-Driven application via Power Apps.

This is another area that LMS365’s integration with Microsoft tools really comes in handy as all training information can quickly and securely be shared from LMS365 straight to the necessary Power Apps, Power Automate or other Microsoft Power Platform applications to create stunning reports, streamlined systems and more.

Bundle Your Courses to Create Training Plan

In the session, our own Senior Business Manager, Travis provides a quick overview of how LMS365 brings learning into the flow of work by integrating with your existing Microsoft 365 environment, including Microsoft Teams. He also shares how packaging learning courses into correlated modules can be extremely beneficial for course organization and management. This not only makes learning more digestible for users, but also helps bundle together all the various, blended learning opportunities.

“We support on demand learning, instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training”

– Travis Damgaard Campbell, LMS365

Incorporating blended learning styles such as, on-demand learning, virtual instructor training, video presentations, quizzes and more brings variety to learning content and makes it more dynamic, an important concept to prioritize for future L&D success.

Power Up Your L&D Process with LMS365 and Microsoft Power Apps

We hope you enjoyed this detailed recap of our Learning Technologies Digital Experience session with Semler Group. If you would like to learn even more ways of utilizing Microsoft Power Platform and LMS365 to build an agile, future-focused L&D process, we welcome you to download the replay of our LTDX session on the LTDX 2021 event page, where you can also find more informative L&D-centered discussions.

Regardless of your current learning and development setup, LMS365 and the Microsoft Power Platform empowers you with the tools to create an effective, automated and engaging learning environment that is built for the post pandemic world. Don’t get stuck in the past; the future of learning is here now.

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