May 6, 2021

Providing Firstline Workers with On-the-Go Training and Engaging Mobile Learning


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Support Your Workforce Through Mobile Learning

The LMS365 mobile app offers learners a variety of training benefits that they can access without being tied to a desktop computer. And when it comes to supporting the firstline workers that directly support customers, providing them with up-to-date information and skill development opportunities through mobile learning becomes one of the most impactful investments a company can make.

Empowering Firstline Workers to Best Represent Your Company

The empowerment of the firstline workforce is a priority for industry leaders. Firstline or frontline workers—who Microsoft defines as those who “serve as the first point of contact between a company and the outside world”—are critical to an organization’s connection with audiences and effectiveness in serving their customers.

The importance of these roles is the reason companies are investing in tools and technologies that allow them to provide employees with the information and training that enable them to do their best work. This becomes a larger challenge as security, compliance and content access remain essential to safe, effective training management.

How Companies Enhance Their Workforce With the LMS365 Mobile App

As firstline workers are often in the store, in the field, or on-site with customers, they do not always have easy access to a desktop computer. The LMS365 mobile application extends all of the benefits of stationary learning opportunities to the more flexible and accessible virtual space, increasingly becoming the mobile learning application of choice for modern organizations.

Companies in a variety of industries have adopted the LMS365 mobile app into their training structures and have realized a wide range of benefits from it:

  • Providing Learning On-the-Go: Leading accountancy firm, BDO creates training podcasts so firstline employees are able to listen to updated regulations through the mobile app on the way to work.
  • Training During Downtime: An ambulance services uses the LMS365 mobile app to effectively train paramedics—who can be stationed in remote areas with little internet connection—on their new patient record system. An airline company uses this anytime mobile access to train flight staff with iPads and offline content while in the air.
  • Taking Safety Trainings When Needed: Renowned container manufacturer, Maersk Container Industry uses the LMS365 mobile app for their external service providers who can complete trainings offline and receive certificates directly through the app.
  • Empowering the Sales Force: A company delivering smart technological devices employs the LMS365 mobile app to effectively deliver training in the field to their sales force, ensuring sellers always have the latest information on the suite of products.

No Computer? No Desk? No Problem

Agile technology that enables mobile training access is beneficial because it provides firstline workers with quick, seamless access to work trainings with a few taps on their device – whenever, and whenever they require it. Having this flexibility to learn and train on their own schedule is one of the most desired benefits of modern companies and workforces.

Mobile learning solutions can substantially enhance the efficiency and mobility of your workforce training structure by:

  • Improving productivity and team engagement by keeping employees connected virtually, whether they are in the office, or out with a customer
  • Automating and accelerating employee onboarding with 24/7 access to new hire trainings and role-specific preparation
  • Safeguarding your organization with tested security and compliance features built-in to advanced mobile platforms
  • Digitally transforming manual training tasks by allowing learners to do tedious things like registering for courses in a matter of seconds on their personal device
  • Ensuring a safe work environment where firstline workers are offered continuous training directly on their mobile device, helping them stay up-to-date and compliant with processes
  • Effectively tracking and reporting on compliance such as with personal training transcripts that workers can access and show anytime to prove accurate training and compliance

Secure Access to Compliance Training Content Anywhere and Anytime

As the only learning management platform built into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, the LMS365 mobile application brings all of the most connective productivity tools right to the learner’s fingertips. It offers advanced security features—available through Microsoft Azure AD—such as data encryption, single sign-on and two-factor authentication to keep training data secure and to protect users from cyber security attacks.

Mobile learning capability is no longer just a great feature, it’s an expectation.

With the LMS365 mobile app, learners have more control over their training process. They can pause training on their office desktop, and seamlessly continue the course on their mobile device as they catch the bus home.

LMS365 helps business keep their firstline workforce engaged, informed and compliant.

One of the most important aspects of the LMS365 mobile application—and platform as a whole—is that it enables organizations to stay on top of all required compliance trainings.

Compliance training is not only easily administered through the mobile app, but the platform also tracks the training. Easy access to training progress and reports ensures that companies are well prepared for any audits or necessary reporting, and employees can show their personal certificates and transcripts—directly from their mobile device.

Accessing learning activities and compliance trainings has never been more convenient and secure than with the intuitive LMS365 mobile app.

Take a Tour of the LMS365 Mobile App

The LMS365 mobile application offers mobile learners the same quality of engaging, connective learning that is available through the LMS365 desktop platform. Recent improvements to the application expanded the training opportunities for learners and firstline workers on-the-go. Let’s explore a few of these features:

Same benefits as training on desktop devices

Firstline workers require real-time access to the information they need so they can continue delighting the business audience and clientele. The LMS365 mobile app offers mobile learners the same benefits and access to training as they have on desktop devices.

Create an engaging learning experience

Learners can stay up-to-date on the latest compliance courses, access their transcripts, or check out their training leaderboard position – whenever and wherever.

Search for courses in a snap

With its intuitive search capabilities, the LMS365 mobile app allows learners and firstline workers to quickly find required trainings or even discover new skill development courses, easily and seamlessly.

Receive learning and training reminders through push notifications

Set up notifications through the LMS365 mobile app or enable push notifications directly through your device’s settings to never miss a compliance or regulatory training.

Take training offline by downloading courses directly to your device

Firstline workers can take their training with them wherever they go, even without an internet connection. With the LMS365 mobile app, learners can take training offline and when they get back online, all their learning data will be synchronized.

Register for courses with custom QR codes

Learners who utilize the LMS365 mobile app can easily register their training course attendance by scanning a QR code or providing a signature directly from their mobile device. No searching or long sign-ups required.

Find more app screenshots and features in the LMS365 Mobile App User Guide.

Make Learning and Training Accessible to Firstline Workers with the LMS365 Mobile App

The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, so it’s in the best interest of modern companies to ensure their learning and training structures follow suit.

Boosting the workforce performance for frontline workers with mobile learning is possible through the LMS365 Mobile App and Microsoft Teams. By combining Microsoft Teams for frontline workers—with features like managing shift schedules, walkie talkie and task management—with LMS365, you have everything you need in one place. See how LMS365 works in the Microsoft Teams App.

The more than 2 billion people globally who work in service-oriented roles require continuous training and growth management to continue meeting the standards of their customers. Equipping these frontline or firstline workers with engaging, critical trainings—such as compliance, regulatory or service-specific information—becomes easier than ever with a remote learning management tool like LMS365’s mobile app.

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