August 5, 2020

Podcast: Learning to love learning at work

Why does learning and continuous development in the workplace have to be a chore? And why is it, for some?


A company that’s putting learning materials right into your everyday workflow

Joe is joined by Mette Søs Gottlieb from LMS365, a company that’s putting learning materials right into your everyday workflow.

Mette talks about her own passion for education, self-improvement, learning, keeping the grey matter active, and how she’s lucky enough to be able to take that attitude to her own workplace. This episode looks at the LMS365 method, which is to integrate cutting edge-tech with the latest in educational methodology.

More broadly, we talk about the education system’s effects on us, learning techniques we can adopt so that it’s not a case of “in one ear, out the other”, why we need to practise learning to be good at it, and why certain professions value learning (and certification, for instance) over others.

Importantly, this episode of the Tech Means Business podcast helps dispel the myth that training staff only equips them to leave a company or organization and find a better job. There are some great suggestions too as to how to make learning materials simply and implement them in training programs.

Mette Søs Gottlieb

Chief Commercial Officer, LMS365


Mette Søs Gottlieb is Chief Commercial Officer with global responsibility for sales, marketing, PR and customer relations at ELEARNINGFORCE International – the company behind the award-winning Learning Management Solution LMS365.