July 6, 2017

Learning made social - LMS365 meets Microsoft Teams


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In March 2017 Microsoft introduced a new addition to the Office 365 family: Microsoft Teams

A chat based workspace that provides instant access to a team’s content from a single place. Since its beta release in November 2016 the collaboration tool has been made available in 181 countries, in 18 different languages and has caused a lot of excitement. But what’s all the buzz about and what does it mean for learning in the Modern Digital Workplace?

The way we learn has changed – remote offices are all the rage, global networks have resulted in increased travel and the younger generation is looking for a more flexible way of balancing work and play. At the same time, the need to stay connected is expanding.

Employees are accessing information and learning differently from just a few years ago, yet an interesting fact is that 80% of workforce learning continues to happen via on-the-job interactions peers, teammates, and managers. This shows that the traditional element of learning being a social thing – even outside of the classroom – is still relevant. This is where Microsoft Teams truly shines. Here are a few things you can do with Teams to create an online workplace environment that’s both social and engaging:

1. Create a Team

It’s super easy to create a team based on shared interests, tasks, department goals or with people working on a specific project- and it’s not all you get. A OneDrive folder, SharePoint team site, Office 365 group, Project Planner, OneNote folder, an Exchange calendar and much, much more are all included and available to the entire team.

2. Add a Channel

Create channels to keep team conversations organized! You can dedicate channels to specific topics, themes, or subjects to have focused conversations or simply to have fun. Just follow a channel that looks interesting or is relevant to you.

3. Chat with your Team

Communication is as smooth as butter with Microsoft Teams. Use @ to either mention the entire Team or a single Team member and notify them right away. Remember to download the Teams app and get notifications of your mentions straight to your device.

4. GIFs, Emojis, Memes – Oh my!

You can up the ante when it comes to social as Teams has the ability to send images, GIFS and emojis. There’s even a cool meme generator! And that’s not all – is your team remotely situated or just out of office? Add a video conference with one click and collaborate face-to-face.

5. Favorite tools at your fingertips

You can easily turn favorite apps and files into tabs at the top of the channel – just like tabs in your web browser. This is a great way to integrate the tools and services your team cares about right into a channel. You can connect to other Microsoft services (like Power BI, Excel, SharePoint and more), integrate third-party apps (like YouTube, Hootsuite and more), or add a website of your choice.

+ Add social to your training!

LMS365 provides a Learning Management System (LMS) that integrates seamlessly into your Office 365 environment, including Microsoft Teams. Simply add your Team to a course and as they are enrolled the course will appear in the Microsoft Team’s user interface allowing them to chat, discus and collaborate. LMS365 fits right into the Modern Digital Workplace enabling both successful and timely training with the social tools that already exist within Office 365 and Teams.

Now you know a little bit more about the excellent tools available to develop the social aspect of your business, and how to throw some fun learning in as well. Want to know more about how you can combine eLearning and social collaboration tools? Watch our latest webinar, sign up for a free LMS365 trial, or contact us for a personal demonstration of how LMS365 can work in Teams.

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