June 1, 2017

Get your Learning on-Trend for 2017


There are many changes happening in the world of learning and eLearning.

There are a plethora of articles and guidance available, in essence they all boil down to a select few. Changes to how and where we learn, what content we learn with, and how that learning impacts our jobs and roles in life.

If this year, it’s your plan to get your business into new learning, and you want to be on-trend with technology and new learning directions. Here’s a plan to get you on-trend. Directions that will translate rapidly into learning outcomes. These 5 steps are those trends, the ones you need to consider and include in your plan to get positive learning outcomes.

The good news for this thinking is solutions are available now, check-out how these 5 steps to deliver the top 5 trends will get you to the outcomes you want.

However, with this more streamlined way of working, difficulties with appropriate onboarding of contract and freelance workers have surfaced, and the old 60-day employee training process is no longer applicable for employees brought on for say, 30-day projects.

Step 1: Technology

Time to rethink the technology – as inferred the above change is happening now. The old ways of complex learning management systems that can take months to learn (should you ever be able to master them) are gone.

The time is now to shift your business into the learning Platform of the future.  This is two things, both critical and urgent.  If you want retain corporate or education credibility, compete and remain competitive, you’re going to need a Platform that can deliver eLearning, Blended learning, Classroom (for old-school methods and workshops) and Webinars as a minimum.  Then you need that platform to deliver micro learning, VIDEO in all forms – Microsoft Video, YouTube, Vimeo and all video learning content sources you need to include into learning content. Learners need immediate access to formal and informal learning; you can achieve that now with LMS365. The fast track to this stage is get behind the Office 365 Platform – it has the tools, the real key to this trend is integration and the capability to deliver now.

Step 2: Video

Video was in highlighted in Step 1 for a reason and the second trend – Video is the ‘new Black’ in terms learning.  Video = Experience, add repetition = Learning outcomes. If you don’t think I’m right, don’t even think about checking YouTube for ‘how do I fix that’ instructions before you tackle that next job in the shed. See how you go.

More than that, video creates, when combined with the powerful device most of us carry in our pockets, our smart phone, an opportunity to create fantastic micro-learning content – on-site, a real-time video tool. Capture video of the job, site or task and create micro learning based video. See it, learn it, do it.  Upload that video content along with PDF’s, Images, Word documents, PowerPoint etc. to the Learning Platform and use tools like Office Mix to turn short video snips into powerful learning content. Videos you can include in courses and share on Social and Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. Video and Micro learning are joined at the hip.  To be totally on-trend take that video to the next stage, think about training that incorporates and delivers ‘Virtual Reality training’ (VR) content that the learner can lean into, experience, see, and deeply connect with.

Step 3: Social Learning and Collaboration – The Hierarchy of Needs

If you need reminding, take another look at Maslows’ Hierarchy of needs – ‘the need to belong, to be loved’ – it’s a core basic need for all humans – that means your learners

Make sure you have attended to Groups and Teams in the management of your business, so that those teams can work and share, collaborate and operate effectively with common goals and learning across that group or team.  Major benefits from Collaboration and Social learning are to be had.  Add Learners and Groups straight from your Active Directory into courses, add Office 365 Groups or even add Teams from Microsoft Teams – those teams can then use all the tools in the Microsoft Social tools box to learn and play happily together.

Step 4: Micro Learning

The current need of immediacy in learning is taking hold, the third and rapidly emerging trend is replacing long courses and classroom training – we all live fast paced mobile lives, and in an ever changing environment – speed is of the very essence. Learners need curated content delivered to time poor individuals, who have the view of ‘get me on-line now, learning with the right content, and to learn immediately’.  That content needs to Micro-learning based, 2-5 mins, focused and finely targeted with thought provoking, effective subject content that delivers a concise message. As the learner, I want to engage with brief curated content (right content, to the right learner, and at the right time). As that course recipient, I’ll turn that brief micro learning event and or Video, into individual Experience, add repetition = learning outcome.  Starting see how this comes together now?

Step 5: Take eLearning on The Road with you – Mobile

The fastest growing trend is Mobile, ‘working outside the traditional office’, for some that means an occasional visit to a coffee lounge, for others that means working at home with an occasional visit to the traditional office. For either scenario business, must change, this is a paradigm shift, it’s happening fast and now, and has cross-generational support. Business and management processes need to be ready with all the relevant content you need your staff to learn, what they need, where they need it – Mobile, on the device of choice is the only answer. If you follow the first 4 steps you are nearly there, you can use the LMS365 mobile App to deliver real-time courses to your learners. A full article here on taking mobile ‘on the road’

By the completion of Step 5, you will have learners consuming learning courses anywhere and anytime, delivered at the time when it’s most needed. Learning from curated, micro learning content, consumed on their device of choice. Collaborating and sharing with colleagues, teams and managers using Social Learning tools and Team collaboration. On Trend!

Written by John Driscoll, Director ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ 22/05/2017