October 2, 2019

Build a Collaborative Learning Culture
with Microsoft Teams and LMS365


So, you finally made the decision to invest in the Microsoft Suite and now your employees have all the best technologies of the Microsoft ecosystem at the tip of their fingers.

The programs are installed, applications are connected, and now you’re free to be the hyper-efficient, innovative team you projected. Right? Maybe not. Many companies have been experiencing difficulties with getting their employees on board with new digital tools, despite the helpful applications and promising results.

Introducing this level of technological change in your organization can have its challenges: one of the most detrimental being a lack of clarity and communication across the company.

It’s understood that clear communication amongst employees is vital to successful collaboration, which in this more flexible, global workspace, is vital to the overall company performance. But some businesses are only now understanding the immense value of building a collaborative learning culture within their organization. This type of collaborative culture promotes open knowledge sharing among employees, which further supports the missions and values of the organization.

Building this type of collaborative culture can be extremely difficult without the right tools. Lucky for businesses and Microsoft ecosystem users around the planet, the Microsoft Teams digital workplace, coupled with an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), brings your workforce together and keeps employees engaged, connected and empowered.

Innovation Begins with Collaboration

We’ve talked previously about the importance of collaboration in a Modern Digital Workplace, but it is important to detail exactly what makes up a collaborative learning environment, and why it is so crucial to the growth and innovative potential of a company.

“In learning culture, learning is work and work is learning. The two things are not separate.” – Nigel Paine

Experienced leadership consultant, Nigel Paine, emphasizes that creating a learning culture is one of the most resilient and energizing ways to stay competitive in your industry; this is done by building a workforce that can change and develop with the times. A learning culture is successful when it can take insight from both inside the organization and outside the organization, share it internally with fellow employees and turn it into tangible actions.

Technology is seen as one of the greatest tools for developing learning culture as it easily infiltrates our working and non-working lives and helps to build the modern digital workplace. An example of this type of technological tool is as Microsoft Teams. The communication platform acts as the brain of an organization, allowing a company to build virtual communities, linking groups and departments, foster connection and integration within the organization and create an environment for easy communication that accelerates innovation.

The good news is that companies with the Microsoft 365 suite already have one of the best tools to help improve employee engagement, organizational collaboration, knowledge sharing and training efficacy. The better news? With LMS365, the power of Microsoft Teams is further enhanced with a learning platform that seamlessly integrate into the digital workspace. With the combination of Microsoft Teams and LMS365, your company can learn, connect and collaborate, all in single, streamlined digital workspace.

Two Tools, One Collaborative Learning Culture

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform that has revolutionized how companies in the digital age work, connect and learn. The tool brings the physical workspace to the online space, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your most valuable tools to ensure the best hub for teamwork.

One of the valuable tools that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams is LMS365 – a modern, cloud-based learning platform for the modern digital workplace. LMS365 connects eLearning and classroom training to train, empower and engage your employees all in the streamlined Microsoft Teams platform. By implementing quality employee training – with LMS365 – into the secure and interconnected Microsoft Teams platform, your organization is able to easily provide vital documents and details all in one place, accessible to your employees when they need them.

Let’s say you have a new directive you are looking to introduce to your organization that will impact how your company teams operate. With LMS365, you can place all necessary memos, documents and trainings within the Teams platform and categorize what information is available to appropriate departments. Additionally, you can track your employees’ training progress and with the integrated Teams chat, your employees will be able to collaborate with coworkers on the new initiatives and even ask questions pertaining to the documents in the same channel. The important initiative information is therefore secure, organized and specific to your departments, all composed within the streamlined Teams platform.

Train, Collaborate and Innovate with Microsoft Teams and LMS365

With LMS365 built for Microsoft Teams the learning experience becomes:

  • Personalized: Tailor your training to your employees so they only receive the training necessary for their role or position. Create specific tabs or channels in Teams to house important documents pertaining to the teams’ goals and tasks.
  • Accessible: Utilize the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams to up-level your employee training in a modern digital workspace. With LMS365, no third-party system is required, and critical training is kept at your employees’ fingertips at all times.
  • Engaging: With the social tools incorporated in Microsoft Teams, training can be as fun and engaging as you can imagine! Customize your onboarding courses and add interaction to your compliance trainings with Teams’ chat and virtual meetings. Employees can communicate easily with coworkers and share questions to promote more collaboration and learning on top of the training.

Your communicative tools can only prosper in a culture that supports and fosters their use. Building a collaborative learning culture with Microsoft Teams and LMS365 allows your team to learn, grow and connect in one platform, enabling your employees to achieve more. Still curious about how an LMS can supercharge your Microsoft Teams investment? You can find further details about LMS35, read case stories and view a demo here.

Microsoft Teams provides your company with a hub for all teamwork, collaboration and innovation to flourish. With the focused, flexible learning tools provided by LMS365, your organization is on its way to a thriving collaborative learning culture that keeps employees connected and empowered.