July 14, 2016

5 reasons why companies would benefit from a LMS


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Many companies do not realize the potential, usefulness and benefits of using LMS as a tool for business training. There are many reasons why a company should buy an LMS but here are 3 important reasons.

1. Boost employee productivity

Better training, more knowledgeable about products and services and the ability to acquire knowledge to support co-workers make employees more efficient which in the end will benefit the business and bottom line. In turn well-informed employees who contribute to the success of the business are more likely to remain loyal to the company.

2. Deliver content instantly

LMSs centralize training and data storage. It puts all the learning materials in one consolidated system so that an employer does not need to search through many different systems and files. In addition, instead of having training in many locations, it puts the training site in one system, an LMS. With all the content in place, training can be delivered quickly and conveniently, allowing employees to acquire new knowledge and skills immediately.

3. Reduce costs

Training of employees can be resourceful and includes many corporate expenses. Online training reduces the training costs because there will no longer be a need for printed materials, travels, on-site facilitators and time involved in taking employees away from their daily work to participate in scheduled training sessions. If training is made available as part of employee daily work processes in a system they already know how to use and can access training whenever their schedule allows them to, training costs will be reduced significantly.

4. Mobility + Accessibility

Because of globalization, corporations have become more distributed on a global scale. The great aspect of having an LMS is that the users does not need to travel and go to a precise location specified by the company. The users can access the LMS anywhere, anytime. The user can be in the comfort of his own home, in a different company location, etc. No matter what time zone you are in, you are able to get in the LMS wherever and whenever, which is the beauty of having an LMS.

5. Make training better

To understand the effect of employee training and to improve it, business’ need to have data about attendance, completion, results etc. Collection of these data is much easier when using an LMS. Data is automatically collected and reports can be generated based on different requirements and needs. Analysis of these data can quickly provide an overview of each piece of content, courses and employee progress and results and will help the business to improve their training and achieve a higher success rate.

LMS365 is a learning management based on Office 365 and SharePoint and to deliver online training anytime, anywhere on a single unified platform your business already knows how to use.

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